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A surprising number of options are available to grocery shoppers on Orcas Island. Markets in Eastsound and Orcas Village supply meat and produce, along with cooking and picnic supplies. The market delis also offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options and can supply orders for catering events.

There are no fast food chains on Orcas, but there’s plenty of food that can be acquired fast and easy. Convenience stores around Eastsound provide a full range of foodstuffs for meals, traveling, and midday snacks, all in addition to movie rentals, liquor, magazines, and other items. Hot meals can be purchased during working hours, with daily specials and order-outs available.


Orcas Food Co-op

Ray’s Pharmacy

Island Market

Cons Pit-Stop

Country Corner

Cascade Bay Store

Eastsound Liquor & Wine

Orcas Village Store

Local Goods



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