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A variety of fine lodging accommodations await visitors in various locations around Orcas Island, “the Gem of the San Juan Islands“. Town and Country inns can be found along the major roadways across Orcas, while more modern styles of hotel rooms are available in and just outside Eastsound proper. Check out the waterfront resorts for some San Juan Island maritime charm.

Bed & Breakfast establishments can be found nestled away in the woodlands outside of town, suitable for single, double, and family quotas. Luxurious vacation rentals and highly convenient Airbnbs are available for quick or extended leisure tours of the island. Lodging can be found just a few minutes away from both Moran State Park and the hiking trails on Turtleback Mountain.


West Beach Resort


Smuggler’s Villa Resort



Buckhorn Farm Bungalow


Outlook Inn

Obstruction Pass State Park

Eastsound Suites

Moran State Park

Pebble Cove Farm

Turtlehead Farm

Doe Island Marine State Park

Orcas Rest

Maggie’s Manor

OrcaSong Farm

Worldmark Deer Harbor


West Beach Resort


Blackberry Beach Cabins

Orcas Island Getaway

Doe Bay Resort

Bayside Cottages

Northwest Island Escapes

Sunburnt Mermaid Cottages

Rosario Resort & Spa

Otter’s Pond

Casa Verde

Garden House on Orcas

Kangaroo House

Camp Indralaya

The Salish Seaside Escapes

Eastsound Landmark Inn

Once In a Blue Moon Farm

Gnome House

Deer Harbor Inn


Smuggler’s Villa Resort


Inn at Ship Bay

All Dream Cottages

North Beach Inn

Madrona Suite

Orcas Hotel and Café

San Juan County Park

Cabins on the Point

Lieber Haven Resort & Marina

Beach Haven Resort

Kingfish Inn

Sunburnt Mermaid Cottages



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