County and State parks are some of Orcas Islands’ most popular tourist attractions.  Eastsound has several grass parks suitable for picnicking and relaxation, as well as nearby recreational and dog parks.  Many land bank preserves are open to the public, providing trail access to several beaches and to the summit of Turtleback Mountain.

Moran State Park and Obstruction Pass State Park offer campsites and trails for exploring the island’s shoreline and woodland beauty.  Moran campsites include working facilities and can support RVs at select sites, and the park’s two major lakes feature boat launches and encircling trails.  The hills and woods around Mount Constitution contain enough trails and sights to cover weeks of exploration.  Enjoy trail treks and fishing among the woods and hills of Orcas Island.

Buck Park

A favorite spot for Orcas Island locals, Buck park is home to the Orcas Island Skateboard park, the Orcas Island School District ball fields, and Orcas Island Parks and Recreation Saturday team hang out.
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Frank Richardson Wildlife Preserve

For the bird watcher in you, the Frank Richardson Wildlife Preserve is a step into an aviary of local species. • Located in Deer Harbor, on Orcas Island. • A San Juan Islands treasure.
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Obstruction Pass State Park

Campsites, toilets, and moorings as well as beach walking and hiking opportunities.
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Crescent Beach Preserve

A nice stretch of beach located just outside of Eastsound, Crescent Beach Reserve has created a public space for all to enjoy water access on Orcas Island.
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British & American Camp National Park

San Juan Island is well known for splendid vistas, saltwater shore, quiet woodlands, orca whales and one of the last remaining native prairies in the Puget Sound/Northern Straits region. But it was also here in 1859 that the United States and Great Britain nearly went to war over possession of the island, the crisis ignited by the death of a pig.
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Eastsound Village Green

Doubles as the Orcas Island Farmer's Market on Saturdays from May through mid October. Also features Orcas Island's outdoor bandshell, and home to the Orcas Island Library Fair and the Orcas Island Historical Days celebration. • A San Juan Islands County park. • Public Restrooms.
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Point Doughty Recreation

A 57 acre forested preserve on the coast of Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands boasting a small, state owned recreation site used for marine mammal study, kayak and small boat camping, and outdoor education through nearby Camp Orkila. Accessible only by boat.
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Turtleback Mountain Preserve

Encompassing the Turtleback Mountain, Turtleneck, and Turtlehead Preserves. Features hiking trails which provide access to scenic views of Waldron Island, Deer Harbor, and Mount Constitution. The various preserves are managed wholly or in part by the San Juan Preservation Trust and San Juan County Land Bank and plans are underway to merge all three Preserves into single jointly managed preserve.
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Killebrew Lake Wildlife Area

Birds to watch! For a true San Juan Islands experience, primitive and abundant, visit Killebrew Lake Wildlife Area on Orcas Island. • If you can find the limited roadside parking, you will make it to the walk-in dock access on the left.

Orcas Skatepark

Another world class experience is yours for the asking at the Orcas Island Skateboard Park.
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Skull Island

Named for the large number of human remains found on the island, Skull Island is a 2.5 acre island located in Massacre Bay between Deer Harbor and Westsound. Day use only; accessible only by boat.
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Orcas Island Parks and Recreation

Orcas Island Recreation Program welcomes youth, teens, adults, and families to its year-round programs. Our programs are open to people of all experience and skill levels. We are committed to creating an environment that supports individuality, cooperation, safety, trust, and respect.
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Doe Island Marine State Park

Doe Island State Park is a quiet seven-acre marine moorage and camping park with 2,049 feet of saltwater shoreline just southeast of Orcas Island. Accessible only by boat, the park features views of the Salish Sea and the surrounding mountains and islands.
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Eastsound Library Park

Located on Prune Alley at the base of the staircase up to the Library, Eastsound Library park on Orcas Island offers a pleasant repast between Island Market and Roses Bakery.
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Eastsound Waterfront Park

You can't miss Waterfront Park on your way into town from the Orcas Island Washington State ferry landing. Home to the annual Orcas Island Fourth of July Fireworks celebration and annual Orcas Island Community Bank concert.
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Washington State Marine Parks

San Juan Islands park islands including Blind Island, Clark Island, Doe Island, Jones Island, Matia Island, Patos Island, Posey Island, Stuart Island, Sucia Island and Turn Island. Accessible by private or chartered boat only, all have campsites and mooring buoys, some have docks. Visit the San Juan Islands.
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North Beach

Small, public access beach at the end of North Beach Road, Eastsound. Limited parking.

Eastsound Off-Leash Dog Park

Orcas Off Leash Dog Park provides a safe environment for all licensed and neutered dogs and a friendly atmosphere for owners and dogs. Open all year.
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