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Orcas Island is a generous community with many active non-profit groups. Organizations and charities, both religious and secular, span the San Juan Islands’ many needs related to children, education, healthcare, and other local and national concerns. Non-profit services provide support for the elderly, and childcare for working families. Several organizations work together to supply the homeless and destitute with food, housing, and other necessities. Support for physical and financial healthcare needs is available through individual services and non-profit coordination facilities.

Many community organizations also operate on a non-profit basis, providing platforms for local artists and advocates to entertain and inform the community. Educational services supporting disadvantaged groups or afterschool projects for kids have been active on Orcas for years. Volunteers are always welcome for annual and seasonal community events, cleanups, and projects.


Orcas Animal Protection Society

Mercy Flights/Orcas Aviation Association

Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival

Olga Strawberry Council

Orcas Island Children’s House

Irthlingz Arts-Based Environmental Education

Council on International Educational Exchange

Orcas Power & Light Co-Op


Orcas Island Senior Center

Orcas Anthroposophical Trust

Friends of Orcas Library

Orcas Island Grange

Orcas Senior Center

Island Stewards

Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival

American Legion Post #93

Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce

Orcas Island Music Advocacy Group (MAG)

Orcas Island 4-H

Orcas Dance Collective

Orcas Center

Orcas Island Garden Club

The Funhouse

Orcas Island Booster Club

Island Rides

Orcas Island Education Foundation

Orcas Community Resource Center

Orcas Island Community Foundation

Orcas Island Lions Club & Event Rentals

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