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County and State parks are some of Orcas Islands’ most popular tourist attractions. Eastsound has several grass parks suitable for picnicking and relaxation, as well as nearby recreational and dog parks. Many land bank preserves are open to the public, providing trail access to several beaches and to the summit of Turtleback Mountain.

Moran State Park and Obstruction Pass State Park offer campsites and trails for exploring the island’s shoreline and woodland beauty. Moran campsites include working facilities and can support RVs at select sites, and the park’s two major lakes feature boat launches and encircling trails. The hills and woods around Mount Constitution contain enough trails and sights to cover weeks of exploration. Enjoy trail treks and fishing among the woods and hills of Orcas Island.


Turtleback Mountain Preserve

San Juan County Park

Eastsound Library Park

Orcas Island Parks and Recreation

Eastsound Off-Leash Dog Park

Eastsound Village Green

Crescent Beach Preserve

North Beach

Point Doughty Recreation

Buck Park

Eastsound Waterfront Park



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